Below are stories of hope and recovery shared by individuals who live successfully with a mental illness or mental health diagnosis.  If you have a story that would inspire others, please contact us at

C.W. of Daytona Beach, Florida  ~  I have a diagnosis of PTSD and suffer from depression.  Nearly three years ago my depression took over and I attempted suicide.  I was struggling with so much at the time and finding it difficult to see where things would ever get better.  However, despite the pain, if anyone had asked me at that time if I would actually take such a drastic step I would have told them no, and I would have meant it.   But that changed in what seemed like only a moment…  I went from “I’m okay, I’ll get through this” to “I don’t want to be here anymore” and took immediate action.  Through what I can only describe as divine intervention, that attempt was not successful and I’m here today to share my story and hope that it can help others.   

I am here today, enjoying life.  I have an amazing therapist I can reach out to when life gets hard and I am compliant with medications prescribed by my psychiatrist.  Life still hands me challenges that I find it difficult to deal with, but it also continues to hand me blessings.  One of the brightest lights in my life is my granddaughter who was born this year, and I almost wasn’t here to meet her and love her. 
So what I really want others to know is that, first and foremost, there is help out there and never be ashamed to reach out and ask for it.  Don’t wait  because that darkness of depression can take over in a heartbeat, and whether you believe it or not at the time, there are blessings in life coming your way.
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