Medications & Patient Assistance

PAP 101

(Patient Assistance Program)

Many mental health issues are caused by chemical imbalances within the human body. To re-establish the correct balance, medications are commonly used; often in conjunction with other therapies.

However, if your doctor prescribes medication and you don’t have insurance you may find you need assistance to afford your medications. A number of pharmaceutical companies have Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) that provide their brand name medications reduced or free of cost. Listed below are some of the most common behavioral health medications available through PAPs as well as links to a website that lists many more including general health medicines.
Medication                              Company
Seroquel                                   Astra Zeneca
Abilify                                        Bristol – Meyer Squibb
 Latuda                                     Sunovion
 Invega                                     Johnson &Johnson
 Cymbalta                                 Lilly

SMA Healthcare works with its clients who qualify for PAP to complete the applications and manage their medications supplied via a PAP.