So you’ve seen the shirts and flyers or maybe a billboard or vehicle magnet… and now you want to know, just who IS Jay?

You probably already know him… he’s a son, a brother, a boyfriend, someone’s first kiss, the cute neighborhood kid kicking a soccer ball, the eager tot licking frosting off of the mixer beaters in someone’s kitchen, the young man inspiring others on a mission trip… and someone loved by you and others.

He’s also the unfortunate man (or woman) who is that 1 in 100 who receives a diagnosis of schizophrenia. With that disease (which is NOT a disease of choice) there are voices… delusions… paranoia. There are challenges finding appropriate treatment. There is stigma. There is pain.

Jay (Ashby) was the original inspiration for the ‘Who is Jay’ campaign, but ‘Jay’ really could be anyone… even YOU.

However, there is HOPE! Recovery is possible with appropriate treatment, medications, and support. This site was developed to help you find that HOPE!

The Ashby Family