The Stewart-Marchman-Act Foundation (the SMA Foundation) is proud to announce that the story behind its Who is Jay? mental health awareness campaign has now been published in a new book.

Former Ormond Beach residents, Co-Founders of Jay’s Hope, and mental health advocates, Hank and Susan Ashby, now have their story published in a new book to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. On August 23, 2017 Skookum Hill Publishing released the compilation ebook, The i’Mpossible Project Lemonade Stand. Critics describe the book as a Chicken Soup for the Soul for the new Millenium. Author, actor and international speaker, Josh Rivedal, curated and edited the book. Hank and Susan authored their story, Who is Jay, which is one of the twenty stories written for this book.

“Storytelling is the beginning of every great movement,” says author Rivedal. “I started telling my story to help others with mental health issues and suicide. But there is so much gratification in helping others tell their story. Some of the topics inside this book are not ones typically found in an inspirational-style book: alcoholism, assault, the loss of a child and more. Yet each story displays its own beauty and with each the author uncovers a piece of themselves, showing us a moment in their lives where they’ve overcome a tremendous obstacle, transformed or changed for the better—-and by doing so they allow us to peel back and examine a layer of our own soul”.

“It is our hope that our Who is Jay story will help all the Jays in this world who are impacted by mental health challenges” says Ashby (visit www.whoisjay.org for more information).

Hank and Susan met Josh in May 2017, when he was one of the featured presenters at the SMA Foundation’s 2nd Annual Who is Jay? Mental Health Symposium in Daytona Beach, Florida. The majority of the funding for the symposium was provided by the Jay’s Hope Fund, founded by Hank and Susan, and managed by the SMA Foundation.

“We’re so excited to see the story of Jay, and the Ashbys’ advocacy growing and reaching further, beyond our own small community” said Jennifer Secor, Executive Director of the SMA Foundation. “The publication of the book comes at a good time, as the SMA Foundation is gearing up for its annual fall fundraiser to support the Jay’s Hope Fund.”  Each year the SMA Foundation sells “Bouquets of Hope”, beautiful fall colored arrangements created by Flamingo Florist.  The net proceeds go into the fund to support mental health awareness and education events.  Hank and Susan are very involved in the project, including hand delivering many of the arrangements.

The I’Mpossible Project: Lemonade Stand is/will be available at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and other major retailers: www.iampossibleproject.com/lemonade www.iampossibleproject.com/preorder